Office Closed


July 12, 2024:

Due to inclement weather conditions earlier this week in Houston, TX, the Flexmaster U.S.A. office is without power and will be closed on Friday, July 12, 2024.  We apologize in advance for any issues this may cause. 

If you submit an order, or any requests, during this time, please be sure that you receive a confirmation email that the order has been received. 

If you can't connect via the main phone line, please contact your Regional Sales Manager directly.


Shaun Griffith
Director of Sales
Phone: (832) 258-5050


Brian Kuhn
Regional Sales Manager
Phone: (713) 204-5289


General Inquiries



Flexmaster U.S.A.® HVAC Products

The Best Air Distribution Products
in the Industry.

Flexmaster U.S.A.® manufactures insulated, acoustical and
non-insulated flexible duct for HVAC applications.

Flexmaster U.S.A.® Sheet Metal Fittings are unsurpassed
in quality and performance.

Flexmaster U.S.A.® "Inspector Series" Access Doors meet
or exceed the highest quality standards for HVAC access doors.

Six Good Reasons
to Choose Flexmaster U.S.A.®

  1. Designed for sheet metal workers and engineered for high performance,
    our flexible duct sets the standard in quality and dependability.
  2. Unique to others in the industry, we manufacture flexible ductwork without
    the use of glues or adhesives.
  3. The mechanical-locked inner core maintains its shape at all 90o bends
    and offsets, thus eliminating the need for extra reinforcement.
  4. All of the Flexmaster  U.S.A.® flexible duct carry the ETL mark,
    which is tested to UL181 standards.
  5. With over 35 years experience, our innovative manufacturing process
    produces a flexible duct with the highest performance credentials
    of any flexible duct.
  6. The Flexmaster U.S.A.® HVAC product  line’s 20 year warranty is
    unsurpassed in the HVAC ductwork industry.

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At Flexmaster U.S.A.®, we pride ourselves in knowing that you will have the best representatives and distributors to assist you.
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